Glossary of marketing and advertising

What is SEO? What is an advertorial? Here is a brief glossary of widely used terms in traditional and digital marketing.

  • Advertorial. An advertisement made in journalistic style, which visually and content-wise resembles a regular magazine article. For example, many women’s magazines sell to their advertisers the rights to use the magazine’s fonts, colours and other visual techniques.
  • Media advertising. Advertising that is trying to reach a large audience through media. Forms of media advertising include television and radio commercials.
  • Product placement. The placement of a product, service or trademark in a movie, series, sportscast or entertainment programme for a fee. Sometimes this is done very subtly, so that the receiver doesn’t realise the commercial ambitions behind what they see. This kind of “subliminal advertising” could include the brand of the main protagonist’s car.
  • Social media marketing. Marketing and advertising through social media channels.
  • Sponsoring. The funding or other financial support of events, athletes or TV programmes that aims at increased sales of the sponsor’s products or services, or at increased knowledge of the brand name.

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This article was updated on January 16th 2020.