Self-regulation is different from self-censorship

According to the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR), human rights include the “freedom to shock, disturb and offend”.

Self-regulation does not include guidelines on political content or content in general. Self-regulation is not censorship, not even self-censorship.

It is about establishing minimum principles on ethics, accuracy, personal rights and so on, while fully preserving editorial freedom on what to report and what opinions to express. Its guidelines provide among other things ethics, accuracy and rules governing personal rights, but they do not address what to report and what opinions to publish.

Self-regulation helps the media respond to legitimate complaints, and correct mistakes in a trial-and-error way.

Self-regulation is a pledge by quality-conscious media professionals to maintain a dialogue with the public. A complaint mechanism is set up to deal with justified concerns in a rational and autonomous way.

Source: OSCE