What is Journalism?

Journalism can be defined as timely, fact-based communication that offers the general public reliable and edited content.

Mass communication is communication which is directed at a large group of people, which is relayed through the channel of media. Journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing communications, art, entertainment and citizen communications are all parts of mass communication.

The tasks of journalism:

  • To convey information;
  • To interpret the world;
  • To supervise the decision-makers on behalf of the citizens;
  • To serve and assist communities;
  • To entertain;
  • To activate people;
  • To create a sense of
    solidarity in society.

The core values that guide journalism:

  • timeliness
  • truthfulness
  • impartiality
  • independence
  • representativeness
  • responsibility

Journalism can be defined as timely, fact-based communication that offers the audience edited content in a reliable and independent fashion. The emphasis of journalism may change, but the same basic principles do apply.

Journalism is produced for several different media channels, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, online magazines, and in some senses documentary films. Branches of journalism are, for example, politics,
economy, culture, entertainment, sports and recreation.

The profession journalist is a public and social occupation.

The most important values of a journalist are impartiality, independence of commercial and political interest and responsibility. Thus, even if a journalist handles social issues, s/he must not strive to be a political force. A reporter can present pointed opinions, but it has to be done separately from news work. Otherwise the credibility of the reporter as an independent conveyor of information is undermined and the audience can easily begin to respond to everything that the journalist in question does as biased.

The journalists are to adhere to good journalistic practice. This happens largely through self-regulation.

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