Media Coverage of Elections in Palestine

A Presidential Decree of 2007 on the Palestinian General Elections has the force of a law and stipulates for organizing of media and public educational campaigns for the voters.

The Law comprises many articles related to organizing media coverage of the elections and of the campaigns of candidates, the polling day, the day the results are announced as well as observing/oversight over the electoral process beginning with financing, the limits of spending, electoral crimes and finally the removal of all signs of campaigning.

These include:

  • Article 65 on electoral programs in the official media to guarantee free, unpaid and equal opportunities for all candidates.
  • Article 66 on electoral campaign restrictions to guarantee non-defamation, precluding provocation of sectarian or tribal conflicts and avoiding the use of mosques, churches or public premises for electoral campaigns.
  • Article 67 on the removal of the visual signs of the electoral campaign.
  • Article 68 on the sources of funding for the election campaign.
  • Article 69 on the limits of election campaign spending.
  • Article 70 on observing the elections and media coverage.
  • Chapter 12 on electoral crimes and punishment

The Central Elections Commission approved a system for the accreditation of
journalists for both the general and local elections and for the code of conduct
for journalists during the coverage of the elections process.